Illustrated White Squirrel

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This share package is for the hardcover, illustrated children’s book White Squirrel Colorful World, which you can purchase following this link.

This project was successfully funded with a kickstarter campaign.  Thanks for all your pledges!


First, check out the e-book.

Find the iPhone/iPad version using this link, or search for the book title on iBooks.

WSCW is also on Amazon!



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Read about the characters, click here.

Second, check out an audio sample.

This is the audiobook portion only.

Read all about the audio, here.

Third, check out the video sample.

Animation is hard, I will not be doing much of this in the future!


My book is now a movie! Kind of… I tried to make a running animation, and here’s the steps I went through. My kickstarter ends on Monday. If you want a “white squirrel” book, now is the time to check it out. I have all the information, and things you can share (like checking out the e-book for free!) at this webpage:

Posted by Matthew Loosli on Wednesday, January 6, 2016

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