White Squirrel Colorful World


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Meet the Characters

Merle the squirrel:

Merle the White Squirrel

The main character of the story is a white squirrel who has grown up thinking he must be the only white squirrel in the whole world.  That all changes when Mr. Fox makes a sly remark about having met other white squirrels.  According to the fox, these white squirrels live in a big oak tree in the middle of the forest.  But should Merle trust the sly fox?  What if this is all just a big lie?

Mr. Fox:

Mr. Fox illustrations.
Mr. Fox illustrations.

Mr. Fox is a sly character, but he’s also very lonely.  He doesn’t seem to have any friends, and is always really particular about who he wants to talk to.  When Merle starts talking to him, he just wants to be left alone.  Is he so mean that he would send Merle off on his own, to a place that doesn’t exist?

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The Fawn:

The fawn is a little deer that meets Merle near his home tree.  She is very cheerful and always playful.  She’s always ready for tricks and excitement.  When Merle suggests that they sneak up on Mr. Fox and play a prank, she readily agrees.

The Bobcat:

The bobcat is the villain of our story.  He loves eating small and furry creatures.  He’s especially fond of the taste of squirrels!  Ever since he saw his first white squirrel, he’s wanted to eat one.  When he saw Merle, a white squirrel all alone in the woods without a family to protect him, the bobcat knew this was his best chance to get his wish.  Will the bobcat finally know what a white squirrel tastes like?

Mr. Turtle:

Mr. Turtle is a grumpy old box turtle.  He wanders the woods as slow as he likes.  Most animals pass him by because he is so slow, but that’s just the way Mr. Turtle likes it.  Merle isn’t like the other forest animals.  He stops and helps the grumpy turtle.  But the turtle moves too slow!  Merle is too impatient to find the big oak tree, the one with the other white squirrels!

Follow Merle as he travels the through the forest in search of a place to fit in.  Watch him learn that all forest animals can be his friends; they don’t have to have white fur, or be squirrels, or even be plant-eaters!

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